Friday, 1 October 2010

Heavenly Jelly

Recently, I have become a human doing. My day is crammed with work, rehearsals and.. toothache.  According to Mr ego; busyness = f**king hero. However this particular hero is having doubts about his sanity. In a nutshell; Im jelly-fied; wobbling all over the place without a purpose.

Thankfully, this morning, spirit  brought me to my knees.

I wobble over to the tiny space between the bed and the patio door, slide back the door, and sit cross-legged on the floor, breathing in the clean air.  

The wood pigeons are cooing, the squirrels scurrying playfully across the lawn, and my favourite blue spruce is gently waving at me in the autumn breeze. I am slowing down to the speed of life, and for a brief moment  everything is joined in perfect continuity. I am in heaven - jelly free.

Maybe, this is what living juicy is really all about; making time to enjoy the things that really matter, like having a cup of tea with Ell and watching the world go by, reading a fellow bloggers blog, having a meditative workout , or just doing nothing at all.

Lee Strasberg once quipped, ‘ A little bit of real coffee is worth a ton of watered down,’ One truthful sensation can lead to others. So today, I am choosing to sing my own song - maybe just a little wisp of melody. A lovely song of hope.. Tra la la.

God whispers softly through the cracks of my life reassuring me ‘ Here is my own beloved son, in whom I am well pleased’

Maybe happiness is simply whatever I want it to be... and wherever I am… there God is.


Elloa said...

Nige... you need do nothing. It is beautiful to witness you rest in God. What a simple, beautiful post... thank you xxx

Brooke said...


This post had the hair on the back of my neck standing up, and my heart feeling like jelly in a good way. This was so beautiful and I felt the simplicity of what you were talking about and experienced you being there. Thank you for sharing this with us.