Sunday, 6 June 2010

The 40 Day ' Teach Only Love ' Programme

The week I wrote this programme I was feeling a bit wobbly because I had lost my job, my home and my girlfriend. It was during this blustering, wobbly time that I made the simple decision to stop dawdling, step out my comfort zone,and make the journey from fear to Love. I wrote the 'Teach Only Love' programme sat in the middle of now-here, and once it was finished, made the sober decision to walk the talk,and live juicily like a jaffa orange for 40 days. (The jaffa  is a sweet, almost seedless orange variety) 

This is how the programme works; 

1. Read  the thoughts for the day morning and night, meditate and journal.

2. Repeat the daily affirmation throughout the day and apply it in your daily life without exception.

The programme begins at day 1 through 10, four times, equalling 40 days. If you miss a day, you must start again at Day 1.

Okay here goes. It's time to live juicily like a jaffa orange ...

The purpose of this course is to transcend the limited thinking of the ego and embrace the simple truth that I am Love. Today I cease believing in my ego as my confidant and support. I choose to remember that seeking happiness outside of myself leads to madness, pain and death , and fully commit to accepting, nurturing and extending Love at every opportunity.

Day 1
Find a quiet space for contemplation and look within. This will allow you the opportunity to recuperate from life’s challenges, and strengthen yourself for the next phase of your journey. Life takes on a new perspective, as dramas and fears become insignificant in comparison with the magnificence of the overall picture. The Christ in you is very still, like a calm, clear lake, beautiful and peaceful to be with.

I am peaceful

Day 2
Build a strong foundation. Truth is not frail, and is perfectly undisturbed by the winds of time. Place your faith in God. Pray with serious integrity, ask for guidance and stay open to miracles. In you is all of Heaven. Every leaf that falls is given life in you. Each bird that ever sang will sing again in you. And every flower that ever bloomed has saved its perfume and its loveliness for you.

The hush of heaven holds my heart today

Day 3
Practice letting go of attachment to outcomes. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Everything is unfolding perfectly. Relax, breathe deeply and tune in to the present moment. Stay open to miracles; listen to the whispers, trusting that you are supported unconditionally by the love of God.

Its safe to let go

Day 4
Be an guardian angel to another person. This could be somebody you know or even a stranger. Devote time to silently and unconditionally blessing them with love, support, and kindness. Envelop them in your wings.

I am an angel

Day 5
Make a deliberate choice to see your brothers interests as no different than your own. Every relationship has the potential to become a teaching- learning situation. Take a genuine interest in people. Ask open ended questions to promote communication. Listen intently and respond with kindness, understanding and empathy. This will improve all your relationships and help strengthen your relationship with God.

I am kind and loving in all my relationships

Day 6
Make a list of all the ways that you seek individuality, attention and gratification in the world. Recognizing, acknowledging and accepting your struggles is a vital step towards healing. Explore beliefs, and surrender to God for healing and purification. You always choose between your weakness and the strength of Christ in you. And what you choose is what you think is real.’

I surrender to Love

Day 7
Give yourself permission to accept and feel all your feelings.

1. Write no-send letters to each of your perceived enemies emptying the mind of all thoughts, no matter what they are or how sick they may appear to be, then rip them up as a symbol of letting go.

2. Walk a mile in your perceived enemies shoes. Attempt to write from their perspective exploring what may have been happening for them at the time. Eventually, you will arrive at a place of understanding and compassion.

3. Explore your shadows. Be specific. Would you condemn yourself for having done the same thing?

Ask the Holy Spirit for help in dissolving your defences and healing your mistaken beliefs so that your true self can emerge.

When you truly embrace the power that comes with facing your fears head-on you will walk lighter in the world and experience moments of unshakeable peace.

Only the love is real in any situation

Day 8
Let go of the old and outworn, forgive your enemies, forgive yourself, and make space for something new. Detoxify your mind and body and blitz your environment. As you start to get rid of things you have been putting up with, you will feel lighter and have more energy and the way ahead will become clearer. Surround yourself with people and things that give you a sense of joy.

Its safe to let go and let love

Day 9
Celebrate another persons happiness; treat their gifts with reverence and encourage them to follow their heart. This will help strengthen these qualities in yourself. Beware of competition, comparison, jealousy and envy and quickly nip it in the bud. Seek equality in all your relationships without exception.

I am equal with all my brothers

Day 10
Count your blessings. Make a list. Remember; abundance is your birthright. Find the joy in simple everyday things. Embrace life fully; take risks; have fun and dare to live each day as if it was your first. In Gods world anything is possible. Relax in the knowledge that all your needs have already been met.

I give thanks for my life

It is the remembrance of who we truly are which leads to a world of love and safety. It takes courage and a little willingness to see things differently!

' Teach only Love, for that is what you are' ACIM


Brooke said...

This is wonderful, Nige! Thank you so much for sharing this. I am very much game! You are extraordinary. Thank you, deeply.

Julia said...

Oh, how i love this sweet list of beauty. I'm so ready to make the journey from fear to love.

Clearly you are practicing being a guardian angel...that is what you feel like to me. I am grateful for your presence on my blog.

Sending love.