Sunday, 3 October 2010

Random things about moi ...

I am a student /teacher of a big blue book called A Course in Miracles (also referred to as ACIM or the Course) ACIM is a self-study programme in relinquishing a thought system based on fear and returning to love. I discovered the book in someone’s lavatory during a visit to Canada a long time ago, and have been a keen student/ teacher ever since. ACIM was channelled in the 70's by an atheist called Helen Schuman. (Given that she was an atheist I imagine she must have been pretty pissed off when she discovered that Jesus had decided to channel a book through her.)

I am in Love with a beautiful girl called Elloa otherwise known as Ell, LB or Speck. See right for a picture of me and Ell. ( Some people think that this is a picture of Elloa posing with actor Daniel Day Lewis during a break in filming, but its just me pretending to be actor Daniel Day Lewis after hearing that I was nominated by the local theatre company for the award for outstanding contibution as The Bedlam in the play The Roses Of Eyam. )
LB makes my heart go all fuzzy at the edges. She has a beautiful spirit, and a passion for life that can only be described as infectious. Me and Ell are mighty companions. You might even decide to follow her sparkly bloggy blog - Explorations of Elloaness.

My all time favourite 80’s song is Blue Monday by New Order. At nearly seven-and-a-half minutes, "Blue Monday" is one of the longest tracks ever to chart in the UK. It is the biggest selling 12" single of all time. During my teen years I would walk around the local shopping precinct belting this song out of an intrusive looking Ferguson ghetto blaster (which required 8 chunky looking batteries to function ) Unfortunately, the girls were rarely impressed because I never made it through the entire seven-and-a-half minutes without the chunky batteries running out of power first.

I am the proud owner of a 1989 Honda civic shuttle called Winston the 2nd (once removed) If someone offered me a freebie Porsche Turbine I would probably refuse because Winston has lots of character and is very nice to drive (See left for a funky picture of Winston outside the Evangelical Free Church in the village of Henfield. I think a free church means that you don't have to pay to go in on Sundays.) Please bear in mind that I only parked Winston outside the Evangelical Free Church because it was snowy and there was nowhere else to park at the time.

Recently, I played the part of an autistic crippled beggar in the play  The Roses of Eyam. The journey to The Bedlam was both fascinating and engaging. My acting teacher once said that art is not meant to be neat and encouraged me to explore. This meant going out on a limb; taking risks; revealing those shadowy part of myself, and allowing them to transform into something childlike and beautiful.
I am currently preparing to play a shell shocked irish guard called Michael Bowe in the play My Boy Jack. I take great pleasure in playing juicy characters that challenge me to think outside the box.

I don’t own a TV because I found that it distracted me from my life purpose. I have just found other things to distract me instead- like accidentally watching people doing sex on the internet.

I was diagnosed with Colour Vision Deficiency at an early age after Mum noticed that I had crayoned a cocker spaniel dog bright green. You may want to read the following blog to get the bigger picture. 

I love riding my bike up big hills. Bike speed is best because it enables me to experience wonderful things that may otherwise be missed - like fluffy clouds , feeling the wind on my face, or saying hello, 'I Love You' to a nice family of deer in a nearby field. It also enables me to visit cafes, drink silly amounts of tea and eat lots of carrot cake. This is a recent picture of me eating cake during an epic ride through cheddar gorge .. (Please note the tanned forearm - its the latest tend)
Here is poem I wrote about cake ..

Cake in all its wonder
maketh the man.
The joy of cake -
yummie, carrot
slice of life
washed down with tea
of the english variety
I am completely caked up
watching the world drifting by
my cake and I
content in the knowingness
that all is cake.

Recently, I purchased a dream second hand Condor Heritage touring bike from a man called Harry.( See left for the original photo which Harry used to advertise the bike on Gum tree) Everything flowed beautifully which leads me to believe that there is no order of difficulty in miracles. I decided to name the bike after Harry because it sorta rhymes with Heritage. One day I intend to ride Harry Heritage across the entire length of this beautiful land and raise lots of money for the nice people who looked after Dad during his last few days on this planet.

My favourite film  is The Wizard of Oz. Like Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and the Tin Man I too set out in search of the Emerald City, but instead found a sense of hoplessness and depair. It was only when I stopped looking out there, turned around and faced myself  that  I finally realized  the truth -Happiness is not a specific outcome or destination, its a present choice.  ' Today is a gift; that's why they call it the present.' In my opinion The Wizard of Oz is a gift from God.

I fancy Dr Who and his new assistant Amy Pond. If the tardis suddenly appeared in my living room and they invited me inside for tea and crumpets I would probably accept, (but I would have to tell my girlfriend first because I think its important to be honest in relationships.)

I believe in truthful acting and study Lee Strasberg’s Method. Creating true emotion takes practice but the rewards are well worth the effort. Top method actors include; James Dean, Forest Whittaker, Ed Norton, Al Pacino, Robert Di Niro and Daniel Day-Lewis. Some people think Method actors are barmy. ( During the filming of 'My Left Foot', Day- Lewis played a severly paralyzed character called Christie Brown. Day-Lewis refused to break character off screen and had to be wheeled around the set in his wheelchair.)

My favourite dead actor is James Dean. He made some really cool films like Grapes of Wrath, and Rebel Without A Cause, but then he was killed in a car crash and became really famous.

Some people say I am eccentric, and I am inclined to agree.  (Supposedly, eccentricity refers to unusual or odd behavior on the part of an individual. Eccentricity is often associated with genius, intellectual giftedness, or creativity. ) I am all these things and more and enjoy being me. Recently, fellow blogger Brooke wrote the following words of wisdom 'If there ever comes a time when I go against the whispers of my heart, I know it will be a time when I will cease to exist.There will be no more meaning, no more reason to go on.'  In a nutshell; F**k it! Read more from the Brookemeister here.

I enjoy eating organic short grain brown rice because its healthy alternative to chunky chips and means that there is less chance of me dying from a strange disease like Human Werewolf Syndrome ( people with this disease grow dark hairy patches on their faces and look like werewolves)


Elloa said...

This is one of the funniest, most interesting posts I have ever had the joy to read. Thank you for your lightness, your depth, your humour and your wisdom Nige. YOU ARE AMAZING xxx

Brooke said...

Okay, you have half of the coffee shop staring at me because I am laughing so hard. I wish I had a printer here and I'd just give everyone a copy of this blog. You are such a pleasure to read. I wish they could package you up and sell you at the store, so I could have a Nige of my own. Thank you for sharing all of the fun parts of you in all your living color. Oh, and you quoted me! What a surprise and an honor!